HippieCat Grinders

The HippieCat Grinder is designed with unique features and vibrant colors. Its soft exterior is covered in a silicon coating, ensuring a comfortable grip while you grind. With a multi-chamber design, the perfect grind is achieved each time.
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  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping in all US orders.

  • Silicone Coating

    Soft and nice to the touch, the silicon coating provides an incomparable smooth sensation with an excellent grip, even under wet conditions. This coating will also prevent corrosion of the underlying metal.

  • Custom Design

    With a unique style and 4 different colors available, this will be the perfect gift!

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  • Tough and Durable Aluminum Alloy

    This is a grinder made for tough work. High-quality construction with the best materials.

  • Strong Magnetic Lid

    Magnet will keep the lid in place.

  • Multi Compartment

    A sharp teeth grinder chamber and 2 more collecting chambers will assure you do not lose any of your product.

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